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Air Conditioning System Repairs, Re-gas and Servicing

If your car air conditioning isn’t working, we can help to provide anything from an inspection, re-gas or service. At Auto Action, we have been providing air conditioning repairs for vehicles for a long time, ensuring that our customers have cool summers and warm winters in their vehicle to suit their temperature.

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Air conditioning servicing for your car

We offer air conditioning servicing and re-gas at Auto Action with fully qualified, trained engineers that specialise in knowing your vehicle inside out. We provide air conditioning re-gas, parts fitting, servicing, fault diagnosis and repair of your car and vans throughout the UK and in the local area. Our recharge and servicing for your air conditioning are all designed personally to suit your vehicle, catering to your general use and any issues you’ve been having with it. We make sure your specific requirements are met as well as inspecting the system to find out what repairs are required in particular for your car.

The importance of having a working air conditioning system in your car

Most modern vehicles have an air conditioning system that helps to keep them cool in the summer. This does not only produce comfort during hot conditions but also have the ability to demist your car during winter months. When this system doesn’t work as effectively as it used to, it can take a lot longer to cool down or demist. Eventually, it will stop working completed, which means you could spend your summer days in a hot car. Or, your colder days, sitting and waiting for your windscreen to demist when your car finally begins to heat up. Therefore, it’s important to get your car air conditioning checked out, serviced and re-gassed as per manufacturer’s specifications.

How often do I need a car air conditioning re-gas?

Your vehicle doesn’t need a re-gas every year like your service. Instead, it can be conducted every 2 years instead. It’s not included in your regular service, so you might want to get a full air conditioning service too to check that everything is in working order. Your gas leaks out of the system, like having wear and tear on your tyres. It can escape through the vents and other joints. This means when you get a top-up for your refrigerant gas, it can help protect your system from running out. When there’s no gas in the system it can cost you more in fuel and actually cause further leaks and blockages which can be damaging. Like many other aspects of your vehicle, a regular re-gas can help it work for longer and help you to save money in the long run.

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With Auto Action, we can provide air conditioning re-gas, repairs and servicing when you need it. All you need to do is book online anytime or give us a call during working hours. We’ll be able to fit you in with the utmost priority ensuring you get your car running smoothly and are happy with the service you get with us. We look forward to hearing from you when it comes to your car air conditioning repairs.

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