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Tyre fitting services in your local area

As a family-run business, we are completely independent of other tyre companies. Our aim is to offer friendly and efficient services that help keep your tyres safe. We offer tyre fitting, repairs, replacements including wheel alignment and tracking to ensure you can keep your car on the roads.

Tyres for all makes and models

When it comes to your car tyres, it’s really important that you have quality tyres that last long, keep you gripped on the road, are weatherproof and ensure that they’re suited to your car. We can source and fit your car tyres for any make or model. Whatever your budget is, we can provide premium, mid-range and budget tyres of great quality. We also provide wheel balancing with every tyre purchase to ensure you’re fully equipped when you get back on the roads.

From premium branded tyres to budget tyres

It can be expensive when you’re replacing tyres, but you still want to make sure they’re good enough for your vehicle. We ensure we have a wide range of tyres to suit so you can find something that’s perfect for you. We offer new branded tyres, new mid-range tyres, retread tyres and budget tyres to help keep your car running smoothly. Whichever it is that suits you best, we can help find the right solution for you.

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Puncture repairs

It is not always necessary to replace a tyre when it has had a puncture. In some cases, the tyre can be repaired. However, it’s best to get it checked by a professional to ensure that this is being done in the right way and won’t cause you further problems down the road. In accordance with British Standards (BSAU 159), only certain areas of your tyre can be repaired. This is a very defined area, so having one of our team check out the puncture before making a decision can help to see if we can save you money. If you need a new tyre, we’ll let you know and ensure you get a great quality tyre for your car.

Wheel alignment

We have the latest technology in wheel alignment which can identify your vehicle and the exact requirements for the angles our wheels should be set at. We can connect your car to this equipment which allows us to check the alignment on all four of your wheels to the utmost accuracy. Our wheel alignment service comes when you get your car tyres fitted with Auto Action, so you never need to worry when you get your new car tyres with us.

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With Auto Action, you can easily book a free visual inspection of your tyres if you think you need repairs or replacements. Once we have your vehicle in our garage, we’ll check them over thoroughly and let you know how much it will be for any repairs or replacements if they are required.

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